Extravagant Meals without Extravagant Effort

In her book, Pia shares how simple old country cooking can be.
Learn her techniques and make cooking delicious meals simple.

About the Book

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Pia's family and friends adore her cooking, which inspired her to put the dishes she makes into words and pictures in the form of a cookbook.

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My Three Little Lands

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Journey to the Three Little Lands with Pia. Growing up in the triangle of Germany, France, and Luxembourg, travelling to different countries was not difficult.

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Pia grew up watching the women in her family cook, and over the years it has become her passion in life.

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15 Oct
stuffing with raisin bread

Hello dearest followers of this blog…and I will not try to find an excuse for being MIA for almost a year.   I wrote many blogs and somehow my Facebook posts took over and by the time I was done with them, I had no more left to write  for the blog, but I promise, […]

Christmas has come and gone

26 Dec

Wow, time flies and Christmas was here and it is gone. We are now alone at home…the three of us, Natty, Mr. Pia and me. We had a wonderful Christmas. Our whole family is prove that the material things do not matter that much to us. We do Secret Santa and we all love it. […]