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Smoothies for Lunch?

22 Apr

Hello friends, if you are like me…well, then you are in lockdown for at least 6 weeks now. I live in total self isolation with my husband…I am lucky here, although he sometimes speaks too loud on his conference calls, and has his schedule, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I feel like I cooked 100s of […]

Corona virus

15 Apr

Hello and long time no talk…you know, things happen and you lose your Mojo. I was babysitting my grandchildren a lot and also had a schedule, riding my beloved horse Henry 4 times a week, no ifs or buts and no excuses. Then I took my girl for a walk and then started making dinner […]


15 Oct
stuffing with raisin bread

Hello dearest followers of this blog…and I will not try to find an excuse for being MIA for almost a year.   I wrote many blogs and somehow my Facebook posts took over and by the time I was done with them, I had no more left to write  for the blog, but I promise, […]

Christmas has come and gone

26 Dec

Wow, time flies and Christmas was here and it is gone. We are now alone at home…the three of us, Natty, Mr. Pia and me. We had a wonderful Christmas. Our whole family is prove that the material things do not matter that much to us. We do Secret Santa and we all love it. […]

Karma…it seems to be real

08 Sep
gluten free breakfast cookies

So, what do I mean with Karma seems to be real? Well, it is a bit of a long story and then again…not. As you all know, I opened a bakery in 2009 in Orangeville, that morphed from Pia’s Bakery into Pia’s on Broadway, a restaurant, now owned by my son in law and my […]

September… and the Cooking is easy

02 Sep

  I love fall, although September is not really fall and do I really love fall? Yes, I do, although it makes me also sad, because winter is close and living in South Western Ontario, winter is long, cold and somewhat frightening. But I still love fall. Sweaters, boots, new clothes, although it is almost […]