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Great press

09 Dec

  Anyone who has had the chance to dine at Pia’s on Broadway knows that her cooking is beyond delicious; it’s divine. Cooking has been a part of Pia Wiesen’s life for as far back as she can remember – from traditional German foods, to styles from the south of France and even Luxembourg. (more…)

Comforting Chicken Stew

27 Nov
Comforting Chicken Stew

It is November and it is dark, cold and grey. So what we need is a bright, warm and colourful stew, that gives us comfort. Also nothing is nicer than to come home to a dinner that needed little prep time and has big impact on the mood of all family members. And here it […]

Creamy Polenta

24 Nov

I have a new obsession: Creamy polenta, that is. I love to dig in and taste the combination of pure creaminess with the soft acidity of a tomato sauce, not to spicy with either meat or no meat, this is unbelievably satisfying and is going to be my to go winter dish, either for me […]

Casserole Season

21 Nov

Even though it is only November, it has been very cold in our neck of the woods aka Southern Ontario ( Southern?). So the weather calls for stews and casseroles. I give you today a recipe for a casserole that is in my new book, my three little lands. It is called cod with a creamy […]

Apple Strudel

14 Nov
healthy apple strudel eating recipes

APPLE STRUDEL The most common apple strudel is the one you can buy at European-style supermarkets. But that’s not the one I grew up with. The one my granny used to make is a Bavarian-style strudel, which means no raisins. I like that, and that’s the strudel that I make. Making the dough might seem […]