Baby Food, Homemade

20 Mar

As you all night know, I am a proud grand mother of a beautiful boy named Kipp. Once a week it is my day…I am babysitting him.

As much enjoyment it brings to me, it also brings exhaustion, as I am not 27 anymore and it takes a great effort to run after him all day..especially being extra careful, because he is so precious.

Of course, my daughter does not think of it being that exhausting, but as said, she is 28 and I am 56…

But of course, I love spending time with the little man and I also love to cook for him.I am an old fashioned mom and grandma , where routine is important and he knows it.

When he comes in, I usually am almost done with his lunch, a puree of some sorts and trust me, he loves them.

I use usually a potato or sweet potato, butternut squash, kale or spinach, white navy beans or sometimes edamame or chick peas.

I simmer the veggies in a bit of water until soft, add a big chunk of butter, puree the food and then I add a tiny sprinkle of salt and he loves it.

For dessert he gets some yoghurt…

After his nap he likes to eat something else, I make him a smoothie with all kind of fruits and I add a bit of yoghurt..he loves to drink it with a straw, so I have the big straws .

Feeding children homemade food is not as daunting as it feels as long as you have a good mix of the important food groups..and stay organic, we do not need to load the poison in these little precious bodies yet…photo 1this is yukon gold potato, butternut squash, kale and edamame…and he loved it.

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