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Salade Nicoise or how to be flexible in the kitchen and invent something new

04 Jun
Salade Caledonoise

  Wednesdays are the days I am babysitting Kipp, my darling grandson, my husband usually has dinner with his business partners , which suits me well, because I am exhausted, when Kipp leaves. I spend Wednesday nights with girlfriends, watching movies, chatting and usually either having pizza or something simple to eat, because I am […]

Crepes filled with asparagus

21 May
Asparagus Filled Crepes Cooking Recipe

Asparagus season is upon us. Well, kind of… When I was a young child, we only had asparagus in asparagus season, same with strawberries or actually anything. The only fruit we got that was always available out of season were bananas and oranges…sometimes maybe pineapple, but they were mostly canned. So, for me, I usually eat still […]

Everybody Loves Pizza

01 May
pizza is ready

I love pizza, so does my husband and also my children. We have pizza delivery from a local pizza joint, Pizza Maria, who makes thin crust wonderful take out pizza ( you still can taste that it is not made at home). But since I am now in the bread making frenzy ( my husband […]

Strawberry Fool & Sponge Cake Recipes

30 Apr
Strawberry Fool Field Cooking

May is coming and soon we will have strawberries growing in the fields. When my children were small, we always went to go and pick them ourselves. What a pain that was; they ate more, it was hot, I had to watch them to make sure they didn’t trample the delicate plants…Oh well, but still fun. […]