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Healthy Sweet Potato Stew

28 Apr
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So, yesterday was a day, where I felt a bit off, you all know how it is…tired, cold, not really energy for anything …but I have to cook dinner, what to make is the question. I had set up another batch of dough for bread, so I thought I am going to set up a […]

Home baked Bread ?

23 Apr

Well, we all , at least I think we do, love bread, fresh, warm from the oven…the smell, when we walk by a bakery, where they bake this lovely piece of nutrition…that humans love for many thousands of years. We love it in all shape and forms, oval, round, square, a stick, flat and many […]

Wild Boar

15 Apr
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Okay, so I was a bit tardy, also a bit too busy with my life, but I think I am back on track…I think I also had writer’s block, no idea what to write about and how. But I made wild boar roast the other day and I thought you, my dear readers might like […]

Baby Food, Homemade

20 Mar
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As you all night know, I am a proud grand mother of a beautiful boy named Kipp. Once a week it is my day…I am babysitting him. As much enjoyment it brings to me, it also brings exhaustion, as I am not 27 anymore and it takes a great effort to run after him all […]

Roasted Kale Bowl

10 Mar

You know, when you have one of those days, you spend all day doing something you like ( in my case, spending time with my daughter and grandson) and then the evening creeps up on you ( in my case daylight savings time) and you did not go shopping and you get a little panicky […]