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Too hot to cook…

07 Jul
Huevos Rancheros

Wow, we re having a heatwave here in Southern Ontario …30 C, 3 days in a row and not much cooler at night. Do you want to use the stove or the oven…no. Do you want to barbecue outside….no. So, it needs to be light, cold and healthy and this is what we did. My […]

Risotto and Outlander…good combo?

16 Jun
green rice risotto with tarragon and lemon

Wednesdays is the day, when Mr. Pia has dinner with his partners. Sometimes, my girlfriend and I meet to cook and eat together. We love the books of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and now love to watch the TV series: Outlander. The winter before last, we watched it frequently..I mean the whole season, […]

Cold Sunday..Hot Dinner

16 May

So the weekend is over and it was a cold one. Flurries yesterday, May 15th. I saw a lot of disbelief on FB and I heard people say, how unusual this is…I really do not think so, as we are supposed to plant after the May 24th weekend…even in Germany, it can still be very […]

Mother’s Day

04 May
wild leek soup

  I am all for having a special day for all mothers and that day should be every day. It is most of the time taken for granted, what women do every day, and by that , I mean all women, not only the ones, who are mothers. We are mothers to our husbands, pets […]

Ramps or Wild Leeks, whatever….

27 Apr
wild leek soup ready

It is the saison, that you find, when going for a hike through a deciduous forest, wild leeks or ramps…   They smell deliciously strong of garlic and onions, have a beautiful green colour and can be used for many dishes, you would usually use garlic, onions, leeks or chives.   So, for instance, the […]

A different kind of Easter

28 Mar

We are so used to amenities like water, electricity, tv and heat, that it is almost a shock, if we do not have access to it. Mother Nature is always stronger than we are, even with all the technology at our service. So on Thursday a major storm ripped through our province and I thought […]