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Creamy Polenta

24 Nov

I have a new obsession: Creamy polenta, that is. I love to dig in and taste the combination of pure creaminess with the soft acidity of a tomato sauce, not to spicy with either meat or no meat, this is unbelievably satisfying and is going to be my to go winter dish, either for me […]

Casserole Season

21 Nov

Even though it is only November, it has been very cold in our neck of the woods aka Southern Ontario ( Southern?). So the weather calls for stews and casseroles. I give you today a recipe for a casserole that is in my new book, my three little lands. It is called cod with a creamy […]

Apple Strudel

14 Nov
healthy apple strudel eating recipes

APPLE STRUDEL The most common apple strudel is the one you can buy at European-style supermarkets. But that’s not the one I grew up with. The one my granny used to make is a Bavarian-style strudel, which means no raisins. I like that, and that’s the strudel that I make. Making the dough might seem […]