Cheese Cake or how not to give up, when half of the ingredients are missing

10 Jun

My girlfriend Tosca always tells me to show people how not to be afraid of the kitchen and of cooking or baking…because, she says, you are just so fearless, you have to share that talent.

( thanks Tosca)

“Teach that to your followers” she always tells me.

Well then, here is an example how things will work out, if you use good ingredients…

Yesterday my daughter Laura and my sweet grandson Kipp came over in the morning. He is difficult to feed, extremely picky and most of the time to busy…

So I thought a cheese cake, kind of a sweet quiche, would be good for both of them, fully knowing that my cheese cake is one of Laura’s favourites.

Of course there were certain hurdles…first of all, I did not have the white cheese, that I use usually; to be honest, I have not seen it in the stores lately. But I was thinking of making a cake for Laura and had already bought creme cheese and sour cream instead.

I had eggs, check.

I had flour, check

Vanilla, check again and now the check marks disappeared, not enough sugar and for sure not enough butter…hmmh, what to do?

Well, in a situation like that, just think whatever else will make things sweet…maple syrup, agave syrup, even bananas or applesauce could work, although those last two might change the taste a bit..hey you could call it a banana  or an apple cheesecake.

The butter situation, I had 1/2 a stick, thought the recipe wants you to use 3 sticks.

..we usually have another fat in the coconut oil, even an olive oil or pumpkinseed oil will do and although we all know, that margarine is bad for us..hey, if you have it, use it this one time.

And then I started to make the cake, first by preheating the oven to 350.

You need:

2 500 ml containers of white cheese or quark and if you do not have that, use creme cheese and sour cream or sour cream only or creme cheese only or mascarpone and creme cheese or mascarpone and sour cream…just use whatever you have in the fridge

5 eggs..or 4 or 3 even

1.2 cup sugar or any other sweetener you can find

1 splash vanilla or no splash of vanilla

put all these ingredients in your kitchen helper aka machine,or mix by hand.

Mix well and see if it is runny…because if you use the quark, it will not be, however with my concoction of creme cheese and sour cream the whole thing felt runny, so I added 2 tablespoons of flour…

Now for the dough:

2 cups of flour

1/2 cup of sugar, I used maple syrup

3 sticks of butter, I had 1/2 stick of butter and added coconut oil…bit by bit, actually KIpp was sitting on the counter and added it…mix well with your hands.

Now I used more coconut oil in the springform, so that the cake does not stick…laid it out with parchment paper and pressed the dough in the pan.

Then I poured the cheese batter in and put the cake in the oven.

We went to the big play station outside, Kippi was sliding, building sandcastles, or at least he was busy spreading the sand with his shovel and after 60 minutes, the cake was done.

I removed it from the oven, let it sit for 10 minutes and then turn it upside down on a wire rack, removed the springform and let it sit for another 10 minutes. Then I put a plate over the cake and turn it upside down or right again and even though it was still hot, we cut into it and he had some before he decided to feed Natty with it, Natty being my new Irish Wolfhound lady. Laura had a piece, she took more home and I took some to the barn…and I also had a piece in the afternoon with coffee.


I love cooking and baking and I never give up, when I do not have an ingredient…I just exchange it for something else and it mostly works…so go ahead, in your kitchen and make something…and don’t be afraid .

And if you are stuck, send me a message on my Facebook and I will help you…



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