Christmas has come and gone

26 Dec

Wow, time flies and Christmas was here and it is gone.

We are now alone at home…the three of us, Natty, Mr. Pia and me.

We had a wonderful Christmas.

Our whole family is prove that the material things do not matter that much to us.

We do Secret Santa and we all love it.

It is never really that secret…we all knew, who is having who, but it was still fun.

Most important was the idea of being together as a clan, eating, talking, singing and watching the little ones opening their presents.

Our grandson enjoyed the kitchen he got and Owynne, the youngest member of our family was thrilled with..not her baby stroller, no, a Santa’s elf hat with music…and she wore it all day, except for her two hour nap in the sled outside.

We had turkey breast with Brussels sprouts, sautéed kale, squash, mashed potatoes and stollen for dessert.

No stress in the kitchen , just easy peesy cooking.

For breakfast we ate the brioche I made and here is the recipe:
3 cups of all purpose flour
1 heaping tablespoon of dry yeast
1 cup of warm milk
1/2 cup of sugar
1/2 package of unsalted butter, soft
4 eggs, room temperature
Mix the yeast with the sugar and the milk, cover and let sit until it is expanding and foaming up.
Put the flour in the pot and then add the yeast mixture.
Mix in the flour and add 2 cups of water. Cover and let sit for at least 1 hour at a warm place until doubled in size.
Now add the eggs and the butter and with the mixer, mix the dough well until it is light fluffy and smooth.
Fill in a form, that you buttered and floured before.
Let sit for another 20 minutes and bake at 350 for 45 minutes.



I hope you all had a good Christmas , too.

I will look forward to 2017 and hope it will bring peace to this planet and the understanding, that we need to take care of it as well and not destroy it deliberately.

I wish you all a wonderful and healthy and happy 2017 and I promise to bring more posts with more recipes for you.

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