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12 Dec

Christmas Recipes from PiaWe all know,that Christmas is all about getting together with family and friends, reflecting, being thankful, giving and enjoying food and wine together. But who wants to spend the day in the kitchen, while all others are having fun , maybe going for a walk or just enjoying their time together.

So, I was thinking of putting a dinner together, that is easy and with some prep time days before, you will ave time to go for a walk or hang out with all the others. The appetizer could be a soup, I would say a chestnut puree soup that you can make ahead, up to three days before.

You need:
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1/2 cup butter
salt and pepper to taste
1 medium size canned chestnuts
5 medium size potatoes, peeled and cut in bite size pieces

In a big pot, melt the butter, add the onion and the salt and pepper, sauté until onion is translucent. Now add the chestnuts and the potatoes, add water until just covered. Simmer until the potatoes are soft.
Puree with a handheld blender until creamy. Add maybe a bit more salt and pepper.
Now this soup can go in the fridge until Christmas Day and just needs to be reheated. Add a bit of creme fraiche to each serving.

As a vegetable you should make Brussels sprouts and the can be made 3 days before as well. To make it even easier, use frozen ones.

You need:
2 packages frozen Brussels sprouts
1/2 cup butter
1 medium onion, finely chopped
4 slices of pancetta or bacon, chopped
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
salt, pepper and a sprinkle of nutmeg

Melt butter, add the onion and sauté for a while until onion gets translucent, add the bacon and now the sprouts, salt, pepper nutmeg and the maple syrup, Cook for about 15 minutes on medium until done. Refrigerate until the big day, just reheat .

I also would make another vegetable, not all people love the sprouts. Carrots and parsnips would be great and you make them exactly as you make the sprouts and put them in the fridge as well.

So far the appetizer and the vegetables are ready. they all need about 10 to 15 minutes to heat up.

The day before you make a chocolate mousse as the dessert, stays well in the fridge for a day or 2. This is an easy dessert, that everybody loves and is equally delicious if you serve it with fresh fruit, if you like.

You need:
200 g of good quality dark chocolate , 70 % cocoa
2 tablespoons of sugar
3 eggs, separated
250 ml of whipping cream
First melt the chocolate slowly and let cool down, stirring it occasionally
Now beat the egg white until fluffy, do the same with the cream. Now add the sugar tho the egg yolk and beat until creamy, add the melted chocolate, the cream and the egg whites, carefully mixing all and in the fridge it goes until the big day.

On the day off you now just have to do the potatoes and the turkey. Depending on the size of the turkey, start about 5 hours before dinner time. Preheat the oven to 350.

You need:
1 turkey
2 onions, 1 finely chopped
1 apple
1 cup of celery root, chopped
2 carrots, chopped,
1 cup apricot jam
salt and pepper

Put the celery, carrots and finely chopped onion in the bottom of a roasting pan.
Add the remaining onion and the apple in the cavity of the turkey ( no stuffing )
Now smear the apricot jam all over the bird , sprinkle with salt and pepper.
In the oven it goes and it can stay there for as long as it needs, maybe you can cover in between with aluminum foil. Also add water in between to the bottom of the pan. This will mix with the drippings from the turkey and you will have a base for a wonderful gravy.
2 hours before dinner, you wash and cut potatoes in bite size pieces, spread on a big baking sheet, add olive oil sand salt and put them in the oven too.
Remove turkey from oven, let sit for at least 20 minutes. Strain the liquid through a sieve, pushing the vegetables through with a spoon.
Melt 2 tablespoons of butter and add 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of flour and make a roux. Bring the liquid to a boil and add the roux, simmering for about 2 minutes, stirring constantly…and you have a wonderful gravy. The potatoes should be done ,too.

So all in all you spent maybe one hour in the kitchen and you will be happy to sit down with everybody and enjoy one lovely meal.

Merry Christmas to all.

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