Corona virus

15 Apr

Hello and long time no talk…you know, things happen and you lose your Mojo.

I was babysitting my grandchildren a lot and also had a schedule, riding my beloved horse Henry 4 times a week, no ifs or buts and no excuses.

Then I took my girl for a walk and then started making dinner for Mr. Pia.

Was there time for a blog…yes, but was there time in my brain…no.

That does not mean, I did not cook or experiment with new foods or recipes…no no. I posted some of them on my facebook page..

Now is a new time…Corona Virus time..self isolation time..more baking, more I cannot go and see my kiddies nor can I ride or even visit Henry.

Mr. Pia and I are completely living in isolation.

Groceries are being ordered and picked up.

We have enough wine until the end of the year.

We are fortunate to live in the country, so going for a walk every day without seeing anyone.

We do Zoom and Facetime dinners with our friends.

We watch TV.

I go back to bed after breakfast.

I look after myself…skin care, yoga, healthy eating.

You know, what I miss the most?

Spontaneity and hugging..I mean, I hug Mr. Pia and the trees and Ms. Natty a lot, but I love to hug …and I miss that.

I hope this will be over soon…and then I will pray, that we will not fall into the deepest of depression…on the economic scale.

I hope, we will all get out of this as unscathed as possible.

And please, do not feel bad, if you just sit at home and do nothing…don’t let yourself pressured in trying to do too much.

Rest, because if not now, then when?

Read, if you like, go back to bed, if you like, scroll up and down Facebook, go and read the news, if you like. Work out, if you feel like it…but please, do not get peer pressured into showing a super busy isolation life…remember, before this?

If you were not able to say : ” Oh, we are so busy” or ” I did this and that and even more” one almost felt like a loser…well, that was not normal…we were in a state of frantic busyness and in a downward spiral…disregarding ourselves, our peers and our planet.

When asked, can you stop this craziness…impossible.

It came all to a stop, almost over night and it is working.

Working from home, staying in bed, thinking about what to change, when we come back out of this.

And by all means, I am one of the lucky ones, hence I am not complaining..I have a warm house, enough food, I am not alone.

I think of all the people, who are not in this comfy pillowy situation, of all the people, who have no way out of domestic violence, of all the children, who cannot escape to case they live in a house where there is no peace.

So, on that note, keep your chins up and let’s hope for this to be over soon.

Make plans for the future, keep on breathing and rest…

Because, once this is over, we all need to roll up our sleeves and get going.

I will promise to post some more on this page…cakes I am baking, food I am preparing, flowers that I am arranging.


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