Croquettes or how to make the husband happy and the wife, too

22 Oct

One of my favourite way to eat potatoes was croquettes as a little kid and they still are.

Don’t know why I make them so rarely, not as if they are too much work…not at all, because then I would not make them at all, as you all by now know…

Easy Rocks My World

So today I spend most of the day outside. First with the three horses at home, mucking, cleaning and all that a horsewoman does.

Then I went to go and have a coffee with my oldest daughter and little miss Owynne.

After that I went to go and ride princess Zara…out for a hack…the weather was beautiful here. I love these long falls…I love fall, period.


After the hack, I went home and picked up my Natty girl


and took her to the Mono Cliffs for a lovely hike…the smell, the sky, the colour of the trees…oh, I prayed and was so thankful, that I can enjoy this part of the world, that I can see and smell and walk.

Such a blessing.

I promised all my readers and my husband to make croquettes today.

So this morning I boiled the potatoes already

photo they were nice and cool to work with.

Here is the recipe for this classic way to make potatoes.

You need:

500 g potatoes, boiled and peeled

1 egg

1 tablespoon of melted butter

2 tablespoons of potato starch

1 cup breadcrumbs

salt, pepper

2 egg yolks

lots of oil for frying

Press the potatoes through the press, add the egg yolks, the butter and the starch as well as the salt and pepper, do not be shy with salt and pepper.

photo 1

Mix well until you have a nice dough.

Shape little balls or little fingers with the dough.

Beat the egg with a fork, add a bit more salt and pepper and pour the breadcrumbs in a deeper dish.

Now roll the little croquettes first in the egg and then through the breadcrumbs.

photo 2

Heat the oil in a pot and drop 3 or 5 of the little gems in, turn them around and remove with a slotted spoon, once they are golden brown.

photo 4

Serve them with a classic steak or just a green salad…

Can’t wait for my husband to come home…starving, famished…especially now that the house smells so nicely…well I can confess, I had the first three.

I mean, I have to make sure that they are good after all.

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