A dark Winter Day and a colourful Vegetable Stew

03 Jan

I love all seasons and I actually love winter, those sunny winter days, blue skies, cold and crisp, lots of snow.

Reminds me of our vacations in Austria…we went every year after Christmas for 2 weeks, would I dare to say, those were the good old days?

Well, they were good days. The kids still lived at home…school holidays fell more or less on the same days…easy to make plans.

Now we have the other good days, filled with laughter from the grandchildren and visits from the kids and their partners.

Today is a winter day, I actually do not love…dark, grey, mild and raining…it should not  be raining in January.

So because I could not go out for my morning hike with Natty as she refuses to go out in the rain…I cleaned my fridge, not a frivolous undertaking, but a necessity after the holidays.

And with all that I am making a vegetarian stew in the slow cooker.

Here is what I found in my fridge, that needed to get cooked asap:

1 lonely stalk of leek

1/2 onion

2 carrots

1 red pepper

1 clove of garlic

1 piece of ginger

1 bundle of parsley

2 sweet potatoes

2 cups of dried chick peas ( well they were not in my fridge, but my pantry)

I put all of these lonely, sad veggies in the slow cooker, added salt, pepper and curry powder. Water and turned that cooker on high and see how it is doing in about 4 hours…if it looks like it is cooked, I will turn it off or on low for the rest.

Yes, no more work in the kitchen…and dinner done and it is only 8.30 am. How cool is that.

I hope you follow suit and clean out that fridge…use your imagination and how nice is it to come back to a great dinner and fill the fridge again with fresh happy veggies…well, at least I get a kick out of that.

And on that note…enjoy January 2nd, a mild and dark and wet day.

veggies in slow cooker

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