A different kind of Easter

28 Mar


We are so used to amenities like water, electricity, tv and heat, that it is almost a shock, if we do not have access to it.

Mother Nature is always stronger than we are, even with all the technology at our service.

So on Thursday a major storm ripped through our province and I thought to be safe and invited dear friends for leg of lamb with apricot jam and rosemary( recipe is in my book: Pia, My three little lands), roasted potatoes, green beans and a creme anglaise with fresh berries.

We had fun and although the lights flickered a couple of times, we went to bed with power still working. Our friends were not that lucky, as they came home to a dark cold house.

When I woke up on Friday morning, it was cold in the house and the lights were not working ..power out as well.

We are usually lucky, but it did not come back till late Saturday night.

So we heated with the fireplace, I could cook on my gas stove and we got water from the cistern..very important for my three horses.

It was ok, really, one felt dirty, cold in the rest of the house, but by all means, not really suffering . Lots of people have generators, that gives them heat and tv or whatever their preference is..

We went out for dinner and breakfast, some people for sure had it worse.

It still made me very tired to be cold and dirty, so yesterday, Easter Sunday, I decided just to have an Easter Egg hunt for the children and for dinner I cut open a cantaloupe with white port and some prosciutto.


I also made a green salad with avocado and roasted asparagus.

It was easy, yummy and fast…great for tired pioneers.

I used my old and tested salad dressing for the greens:

1 cup olive oil

salt, pepper and a splash of soy sauce

1/3 of a cup pf balsamic vinegar

Mix all the ingredients well and pour over the greens.

3- 4 cups of fresh organic greens

1 avocado, sliced and 1 pound of asparagus..I roasted it in a dry pan


It was a yummy dinner and I highly enjoyed sitting in the warm living room, clean and tired and watching mindless TV.

One appreciates those little luxuries more, if they were gone for a while.

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