Easy Plum Cake and a Saturday Morning Rant

29 Aug

So, I went to the market this morning and I spend wonderful hours with my sweet daughter Laura, grandson Kipp and baby Owynne. We could enjoy it especially thanks to our Au Pair Sofia, who took care of Kippi, when he got bored.

We had a marvellous breakfast at Pia’s on Broadway…delicious as always.

And now to my rant, before the recipe for the plum cake.

My biggest and I mean biggest pet peeve is people without compassion for other people, for this planet, selfish people and people without manners.

And by pet peeve, I mean zero tolerance.

First pet peeve, ignorance towards the environment:

I went to Harmony Whole Foods in Orangeville after breakfast and I see a car standing right in front of the store ( difficult for other people to pull out of their parking). The car is running, it is 20 degrees and cloudy , so not too hot. Inside of the car: a father and his 2 children. The man sits in his idling SUV, not a hybrid or electrical car, no, a gas guzzling SUV and plays with his phone while his wife leisurely shops for the weekend groceries.

Kind of paradox, shopping at an organic supermarket and then letting the car idle, don’t you think?
Well, let me tell you, I could not believe this and it made me angry.

I asked him, if he would not want to turn his car off and he ignored me…

Apparently, he does not care about the future of his children or maybe grandchildren later…


Now to the next pet peeve:

So most people, who own restaurants love to cook and they like to serve good food to people.

And I am not talking the big chain restaurants…that buy at big food service companies and hire a chef to work the microwave.

No, I am talking about restaurant owners in this world, that own a little individual place.

They do it out of passion.

They enjoy when people love the food, they prepare with love and get satisfaction out of being praised for the taste of their food.

All of us, who cook, know how satisfying that is.

So you go out of your way to cook food and then there is that one person, that does not like your food…okay, we can all live with that.

But one person, who is in a bad mood, is rude to the wait staff and does not touch any of the dishes, that are being served…first of all because there is a goat cheese croquette on the salad and the person in question is lactose intolerant..( well goats cheese is okay usually). Pick the croquettes  off, if you must.

But then not to eat any of the food, that has been prepared for you…totally rude.

Big pet peeve.

To treat wait staff like scum…makes me even more mad.

Just remember, waiters are not stupid bimbos, who were too dumb to get another job.

Some wait to make money to finance their university, some love to work in that kind of environment and all of them need respect like any other human being does.

You are not better because you sit at the table..you are not better than the shop owner…you are not better than any other human being…we are all the same and whoever thinks that he or she is better, because of money or birth…shame on you.

Times have changed, get with it.

Rant over.

And now to the recipe of this lovely plum cake.

photo 2

You need:

2 cups of all purpose flour

1/2 cup of plain fat yoghurt or fat sour cream

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup grape seed oil

1 pinch of baking powder

1/2 pound of free stone plums or yellow plums

1 tablespoon of sugar or more, depending on how tart the plums are

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

2 cups of whipping cream, whipped into lovely fluffiness to serve with the cake

Mix flour, yoghurt, oil, baking powder and sugar, best use the kneading attachment of your Kitchen Aid, if you do not have one, use your hands and knead into of nice ball of dough…

Now crumble some parchment paper and fill in a springform. Add a little of the grape seed oil and spread over the paper. Push the dough in the form and add the plums ( after you removed the stones of course)

Bake in the preheated oven ( 350) for about 45 minutes or until the plums look soft and the dough is nice and golden.

Remove from oven, sprinkle extra sugar and cinnamon over the cake and serve with the wonderful whipped cream.

This with a delicious  coffee, made with a teaspoon of cocoa powder and a bit more cinnamon…a wonderful traditional afternoon treat in Germany and Austria in late summer, when the plums are ripe.

Hope you enjoy it, too and remember, cooking and baking needs to be fun and simple and easy.


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