Fish with creamy Saffron Sauce

21 Feb

You know when you want your husband or partner to come in the house and say, wanna go for dinner, because you really do not feel like cooking..well, I was hoping it would happen, but it didn’t.So I had to be inventive.

Thank God, that I have inherited my grandmother’s talent in that department.

I open the freezer and there is a Lake Huron White Fish…fillet, frozen.

I fill a dish with lukewarm water, fish goes in and after 15 minutes it is defrosted. Good.

I open the fridge and look for something…Oh, I have leek and cream. Okay…no idea still.

I have potatoes, peel them and steam them, while the fish is defrosting. Still no idea.

I open my spice cupboard and there is the solution, smiling down at me: Saffron and immediately I know what to do.

Here you go:

1/2 leek, sliced

2 tablespoons of butter, better is ghee, a clarified butter or a vegetable oil

1 fillet of white fish, cod, halibut, sole…any white fish will do

salt, pepper

1 cup of heavy cream

1 package of saffron

Saute the leek in a panphoto 1

After the leek gets nice and soft add the fish photo 2to the pan and remove the leek. Put it aside for later.Now add the cream and the saffron photo 3and stir well.

Simmer on medium until you have a thick, bright yellow sauce. And it is finished.

I served this with steamed Yukon Gold potatoes and roasted broccoli. I added the fried leek on top as decoration and extra omph and my husband loved it and so did I.

It took me 30 minutes from being clueless to sitting at the table, a nice dinner in front of me, a happy husband and a wonderful glass of white wine with the 4

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