Friendship and an easy dessert

11 Aug

You know, as you get older, you finally get, who your real friends are.

It is like sailing on a big ocean with a big group of friends.

There are the fair weather friends.

They are fun to be with, but the second the ocean gets a bit rough they have to go..they run away.

Then there are the friends, that can tolerate a bit of rough sea, but they are afraid for their own safety, don’t trust your sailing skills, even though you proved many times, how good of a sailor you are and they then leave soon as well.

And then there are the friends, that help you bail, in case you ship takes in water.

And those are the friends, that are worth having…and I am a very fortunate woman, because I do have these friends. But this friendship also goes both ways.


You meet people in your life, that love you, when you have, what is important to them…cars, houses, pools, horses, expensive watches and such superficial goods, never seeing the real person behind all that glimmer.

The second the glimmer stops shining, they are gone.

These fair-weather friends also forget, that maybe once they sailed through rough sea and you helped them bail…

You ask yourself, what really is important….?

So yesterday, one of those wonderful friends was over for dinner and I know, he loves desserts and ice cream.

I had lovely pistachio gelato.

I also had wonderful chocolate truffles.

I toasted some walnuts.

I assembled:

Gelato, cut the truffles in half, sprinkled the toasted walnuts over and poured a good shot of Southern Comfort over the whole thing.

Devoured in no time, sitting on the lounge chairs on a beautiful summer evening, looking at the stars and enjoying friendship, true friendship.

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