02 Dec

This has not much to do with cooking, but then again…it does.

I just read a wonderful blog entry from my sweet friend Tosca, who casually interviewed me to write a blog about my new book.

There are all kind of friends and there is the one you meet ( in our case quite late in life, we are both 55) and you know right away, wow, I really like this person.

Tosca came to my restaurant with her 4 beautiful daughters for lunch, sometimes with her late husband, sometimes he just came by himself and had a cookie and a coffee ( he always said, not to tell Tosca, that he had a massive chocolate chip cookie).

We immediately clicked and I must admit that I am a huge country bumpkin, because I had not clue who she was and that she was working with food as well.

But over the next few month I got to know and love her.

We have the best times, sometimes get a little bit wild in the kitchen ( a bit too wild for her children’s taste). But we genuinely enjoy each others company .

We meet for the movie council ( watching movies as a family), for cooking dates, we go for walks, we even went to New York City together last year and I can only say, that I am blessed to have her as a friend.

I would like all of you, my followers to go on her website: and read her blogs, look at the website and buy her books, because she is amazing.

Well anyway, I have to go now and look after my Kipp, short for grandson or prince Kipp of course.

Stay warm and enjoy your day and be grateful, if you have a such a wonderful friend.

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