Vegetarian Chilli with Dark Chocolate

10 Feb

1 can of salt free kidney beans 1 can of salt free butter bean 1 can of salt free black beans 1 green pepper, chopped 1 big yellow onion, chopped 3 jalapeno peppers, chopped, remove as many seeds as you need, depending on how hot you can eat 1 large can of crushed tomatoes salt, […]

Duck Confit

02 Feb

Last Friday, my husband and I stayed at home and I made a duck confit. Mind you, I had the confit made already a week before. All I had to do on Friday was the potato mash and the bean puree, white bean puree that is. (more…)

Trout Cakes

27 Jan
Image 1

Hello my friends. After my vacation I am back with great new ideas. My first idea was to make a lasagna with kale and sweet potato, however no kale or sweet potatoes at home. Then I went to Toronto with my daughter and did not end up grocery shopping, I had, however, frozen trout…so I […]

Spicy Lake Huron White Fish

07 Jan
photo 5

It has been quite cold the last couple of days and I think spices really can make you feel warm. And because it is the time right after the holidays and we might still have the resolutions going ( mine usually are fading by now). I will give you a recipe, that is light, but […]

Curried Chicken

05 Jan

We have been spoiled in Southern Ontario so far…the winter has not been that bad yet, until today. It is freezing out there and even my horses wanted to come in from the cold after being out there for just an hour… So I was thinking we need heat, also from the inside. How can […]

Cozy Winter Evening Dinner

04 Jan
Image 2

I just came in and had a cup of tea. Weather is turning cold out there and I think it is time to cook a nice dinner. I did not have had the best time lately and I need to get out of my mourning…life goes on, yes and even though you might think you […]

Romantic Whiskey Tasting at Home

14 Dec
great wall of whiskey

Well, sometimes the weather in Canada is unpredictable. So last week we were supposed to get some snow. Nobody expected however, that out of that some snow we got about 40 cm… So all plans were cancelled. I had one of the best days. I could not go anywhere. Nobody could come here either. So […]