Karma…it seems to be real

08 Sep

So, what do I mean with Karma seems to be real?

Well, it is a bit of a long story and then again…not.

As you all know, I opened a bakery in 2009 in Orangeville, that morphed from Pia’s Bakery into Pia’s on Broadway, a restaurant, now owned by my son in law and my daughter.

When we just opened the bakery, I got kind of fed up with the ever visible “Glutenistas”…., women who thought by removing gluten and with that, bread, pasta and so on from their diet,they would loose weight, because they saw, that people, who really either had a gluten intolerance or celiac or even worse, Crohn’s disease, were loosing weight on a gluten free diet.

These people were loosing weight before…because these are serious diseases they had to fight.

The Glutenistas did  not know really, what gluten are and expected me to bake gluten free bread for them…meanwhile, to  make bread, that is gluten free…besides omitting grains that contain gluten, you need to bake in a total gluten free environment and that was not possible for us.

So the Glutenista ordered a salad and a beer  ( gluten juice, really?).

I had plenty of time to make fun of them and also plenty of time to feel for the people, who really suffer from one of the mentioned above problems.

And I kept on eating my bread, my pasta and everything that contains the gluten.

Until I started feeling bloated in the mornings, even before breakfast.

My digestion was off, my so very well oiled ( literally ) digestion machine was failing me and a visit to my doctor determined, that I might be gluten intolerant…wow, I thought Karma really is a b…h.

But here I am now, trying to be without gluten for the next 3 weeks to see, if it makes a difference.

I hope, that the gluten intolerance is the problem and not something worse ( my imagination sometimes gets the best of me).

But now, what to eat..rice cakes for breakfast, potatoes for dinner, white and sweet ones, no pasta right now, no beer.

But it is not all that bad, because I have wonderful friends, I really do.

Like my dear friend Tosca Reno, who had me over for coffee this morning and she made the most amazing breakfast cookies, gluten free, of course.


Tosca at the door of her beautiful house

Tosca at the door of her beautiful house


I had two ( cookies), she gave me a whole bag to take home and I will go on her website: www.toscareno.com, where she posted the recipe.

gluten free breakfast cookies

fresh from the oven


And maybe you should, too, even if you are not gluten affected and make them for breakfast, for a little snack or even to pack into your children lunch box. You will for sure know, that these cookies are going to be good for them.

Then my dear friend Kathy comes over and brings lovely gluten free sandwiches.

We had them for lunch and another of Tosca’s cookies.

So, all in all, being intolerant to gluten is doable and tolerable…and after the initial start, taking it out of my system, I can have the odd slice of bread and lovely pasta…

But I learned another lesson…the karma lesson.


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  1. Esther Barker September 9, 2016 at 8:45 am #

    Great post Pia! Love your term the “glutenistas”! Definitely looking up the recipe! Thanks for keeping it so real!

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