Mother’s Day

04 May
lovely peonies

lovely peonies


I am all for having a special day for all mothers and that day should be every day.

It is most of the time taken for granted, what women do every day, and by that , I mean all women, not only the ones, who are mothers.

We are mothers to our husbands, pets and also this planet. We garden, weed, plant, care…

So we should be respected and cherished every day.

If we do not get cherished, well at least we cherish each other, because we all know, how much we do and how little appreciation we sometimes get.

Let’s just see how a weekend goes:

The partner has a free weekend. What is he doing?

Doing what he loves, working on his hobbies in the garage, doing sports, lying on the couch and rest after a hard work. OK.

What are we doing on the weekend?

Doing laundry, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, cooking for the week ahead, taking the kids to the park, playing with the kids and more.

And the same will happen, once the retirement age has arrived. The partner does not have to go to work anymore, we still do laundry, cook, clean, grocery shop and more, nothing changed.

And for that, we do not need one special day, where we get chocolate, flowers, breakfast in bed ( we clean the dishes after) or even a diamond ( I heard some women get a diamond for mother’s day).

No, we need and that is actually all we need and want..a bit of appreciation, like a”  thank you, darling…for making the lasagna for my company’s lunch today ” or ” let me do this for you” or ” look what I found, I know, you love this chocolate covered almonds”…that is what we want and need…not a commercialized holiday, where the flowers are overpriced and we even feel bad, because you spend too much on a bouquet of roses.

But because it is such a tradition, husbands and children want to do special things and that is, where I can help you a bit, too.

I love picnics and so did my mom.

We always did picnics and I think, if the weather is nice, there is nothing more fun, that sitting on a nice blanket, eating , talking and having a small glass of champagne or tea or lemonade, depending on the fact, that you have to drive or you have the picnic in your backyard.

What do you need for a nice picnic?

Not much, actually.

You need a blanket or 2. A nice tablecloth. A basket, that you fill with china and cutlery and napkins…it will all look much nicer with linen or cotton napkins and glasses. I would bring the stemless wine glasses.

And the food?

I would bring a wild leek soup in a thermos, pour it in cups…and enjoy.

Some smoked salmon rolls with cream cheese and dill and finely chopped red onions.

Scones and clotted cream and lovely jam and tea and because it is a special day…a first flush darjeeling…and that is all you need.

You can change the soup around…a green pea mint soup, for instance.

Change the sandwiches into vegetarian, like avocado, beet…or roast beef with an onion jam, if your mom likes her beef..tons of options.

Instead of scones with clotted cream, you could bring shortcakes with strawberries and a lovely coffee…the options are endless.

As long, as you do it with all your heart and love and think about it as an extra special day and not forget, that all the other 365 days are equally special, because you have that one person, that is always there for you…to laugh with you , to cry with you, to fight with you, to pick you up, when you fall…

I hope not only women will read this blog…

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