One of the nicest smells, freshly baked bread

23 Jan

Good morning and happy weekend.
Mr. Pia is still slumbering, but I have a loaf of bread, that needs to go in the oven and also of course, Natty, who wants her belly filled and the horses, too.
And I really enjoy my alone time in the morning with my tea.
It is cold here in Ontario, – 14 C, but supposed to warm up.
Well, at least we do not have a snow storm.
All my followers in the states, I hope you are safe and have power.
As my oven is heating up for my bread, I was thinking,( yes, I think, you all know that,) so I was thinking how wonderful it is to bake my own bread. For the longest time, I was afraid of using yeast, because it sometimes did not raise or whatever I made with it, was rock hard.
So, I found a recipe for bread, that I really liked and started making it.
Of course, I changed it around a bit, forgot how much to use and made it my own….today I will put a loaf in the oven , that uses homestyle white flour and red fife flour..yeast, salt and water.
You know, I have not bought any bread for quite a while now, except for Xel’s bread from Pia’s on Broadway.
Why, you ask?
Because I know, what is in mine..what ingredients that is, and that is important to me.
My flour is organic and so I know, I do something good for me and Mr. Pia.
So, well, to make a long story short, I would love to teach all of you, how to make your own bread, and it is really easy, trust me on this.
I have two ideas, the first one is a cooking class again at my house, we will bake bread.
But I will also show you a basic blended soup recipe, that can be used for any kind of veggie soup, how to roast the perfect chicken or turkey or duck, how to make veggies as a side dish…one easy recipe and how to make a crust, that you can use as a base for a fruit tart, cheese cake or even a quiche…
If you are interested, please message me.

I have no day set yet, so I am open and flexible.
Almost forgot my second idea: I will also make a video of how to bake the bread and post it here and on my website, so for the people, who cannot make it to the cooking class…I mean the followers from Spain and Australia and New Zealand…and where ever on this planet. Although, if one of those followers wants to come here for a class, they get it for free…come on, they have to pay already for the flight and the hotel..
Well, have a wonderful Saturday morning and weekend.
Enjoy your rest and relax.( with a smile on your face)IMG_1231

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