Pia: My Three Little Lands

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My three little lands is the first publication for chef and restaurateur Pia Wiesen.

My three little lands features a collection of recipes from Pia’s European homeland. Pia’s recipes turn complex european staples into simple everyday meals.

Pia’s european style shows every home cook and foodie that cooking can always be easy and satisfying.

5 reviews for Pia: My Three Little Lands

  1. Stephanie

    Can’t wait to be able to cook like Pia! Your friend Stephanie

  2. Pia Wiesen (verified owner)

    you are a wonderful cook, Stefanie

  3. Johannes (verified owner)

    I just got my copy of Pia Wiesen’s 3 Little Lands. Just opening the book and flippig through the pages is a delight: Pia’s recipees are a fabulous combination of the best of what Canadian, French and Pia’s home Region in Germany, the Saarland, has to offer. Imagine all this with incredibly beautiful pictures of delicious food. As a topping you get to know Pia, her wonderful family and how Pia collected all these ideas of how to turn good food into unforgettable moments for you and for all with whom you want to share these magic recipees. If you want to know what good cooking is about you should dive into Pia’s Three Little Lands.

  4. Lawrie Silverberg

    We bought Pia’s book. I love Nicoise salads so I tried her recipe. I’m a complete novice and had no trouble following her instructions. It was actually fun, The recipe was for 4-6 people and it was so good my wife and I ate almost the whole salad. I like the fact that there are some very simple recipes in the book making it less intimidating than most cook books.

  5. Bill Dandie

    Pia’s cookbook is first a beautiful publication and secondly holds many culinary gifts inside!

    The recipes are simple and full of flavour.

    We have fallen in love again with cooking thanks to Pia and her amazing cookbook!

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