Romantic Whiskey Tasting at Home

14 Dec

Well, sometimes the weather in Canada is unpredictable.

So last week we were supposed to get some snow. Nobody expected however, that out of that some snow we got about 40 cm…

So all plans were cancelled.

I had one of the best days.

I could not go anywhere.

Nobody could come here either.

So I watched some movies, decorated the Christmas tree and made a nice dinner for me and my best friend, commonly known as Stefan,my husband.

I had a wonderful Mont D’Or or Vacherin D’Or, that I baked, I made some new potatoes with it and we had a superb bottle of bordeaux ( he bought some futures about 10 years ago ).

After this simple, yet delicious meal, we sat down and tried some lovely whiskeys from his collection.

We tried a Singleton, a single malt scotch from Glendullan from the Speyside. I really liked it and then we went on to a Cardhu, also 12 years old, like the Singleton, we tried and also a single malt.

We then tried a Royal Salute, blended Scotch from the Chivas Brothers distillery and that was evenly enjoyable.

But the best was my idea of food pairing ( I am so very humble).

We had great chocolate with the scotch and I can tell you ( beside the fact that chocolate is like a little black dress and goes with everything..) it goes extremely well with scotch.

I now will only drink whiskey or scotch with good chocolate and maybe sometimes wear a little black dress at home for a romantic dinner with my hubby.

And that was my romantic whiskey night with my love…


great wall of whiskey

great wall of whiskey

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