Smelt…a version of Moselfisch and Creme Anglaise…not together of course

05 Apr

I went grocery shopping last Friday.

I see things I like, buy them and I cook accordingly.

In my grocery store, I see  fruit and vegetables first, they are at the front of the store…the strawberries were delightful and so were the blackberries.

I know, it is bad to buy out of season things, but sometimes I need to have a fresh berry in my mouth.

The burst of flavours , mmmh yummy.

Well, I thought I will make a creme Anglaise for these lovely looking berries.

Then I saw beautiful green asparagus..I thought immediately: roasted over greens.

And they have lovely greens, Cookstown greens, absolutely fresh and delightful.

Then I got lemons and oranges, kiwis and onions, sage and potatoes and walked by the seafood isle and here they were, tiny little, no actually, they were not that tiny, small smelt, little fish…yes, I am going to get these and I will fry them with greens and roasted asparagus and then the berries as dessert, all with a Riesling or for me a Chardonnay, because of that tiny little ulcer, that bugs me sometimes, I cannot have is too acidic for me. Same with Champagne , although I sometimes ignore that and pay for it later.

Isn’t it that we always have to pay for anything we do, at least I have to, some people are a bit luckier than me.

After bread, dishwasher detergent and more, I left the store with a car full of goodies..see I usually only shop once a week except for the fresh things, like fruit and veggies.

I came home, unloaded the car, gave some treats to Natty and put all my goodies away.

waiting for treats

waiting for treats


I did set the table and started breading the fish.

I need 4 plates for that:

1 plate with flour, 1 plate with 2 eggs, beaten and 1 plate with breadcrumbs and 1 plate for the ready breaded fishlies. ( that is German and means little fish)


After I breaded the fish.

smelt, freshly breaded, ready to be fried

smelt, freshly breaded, ready to be fried


I started with the creme Anglaise.

Creme Anglaise

Creme Anglaise


You need:

1 cup whole milk

1 cup whipping cream

1 spritzer of vanilla extract or Vanilla seeds ( I buy the from Giddy YoYo)

3 eggs, but only the yolks

1 tablespoon of sugar

Pour the cream and milk in a saucepan and bring to a simmer, add the vanilla extract . In the meantime beat the egg yolks with the sugar and once the milk/cream mix is almost at a boil, add a bit to the egg mix and beat a bit, then pour all the milk/cream mix over, incorporate well and then pour back into the saucepan.

Now, while stirring constantly , heat up until just boiling.

The cream should get nice and thick, but do not boil, it will curdle, happened to me many times.( it can be saved by putting it through a sieve).

Once it has the right consistency, put aside and let cool down.


I then filled a big pot with 1 litre of vegetable oil and started heating it up.

In the meantime I put the asparagus in a pan with a bit of olive oil and roasted it.

I also placed some of the greens in a big salad bowl, salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Once the asparagus was ready, I arranged  them over the greens.

Cookstown Greens with green asparagus

Cookstown Greens with green asparagus


The oil is hot, when it sizzles, once you put one of the smelt in the pot.

Fry them all( but not all at once, maybe 3-4 together in the pot) and arrange them on a platter with lemon wedges.

I also added a bit of Sambal Oelek to some mayonnaise and served that with the smelt…it was a lovely dinner.

Because smelt are so small, you can eat them with the bones…if they are bigger, the spine is easily removed with your knife and some small bones are easily chewed..lots of calcium.

I served the strawberries, cut in little pieces with the creme Anglaise. I had some leftover on Sunday and Kippi liked it with more strawberries and ice, that is what he calls ice cream, just ice.

That was actually all he ate for Sunday dinner.

Like his gran ( that is me, the other grandmother is called gran moo). I ate only dessert until I was maybe 5…

So try this at home…it is easy and wonderfully delicious.


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