Smoothies for Lunch?

22 Apr

Hello friends,

if you are like me…well, then you are in lockdown for at least 6 weeks now.

I live in total self isolation with my husband…I am lucky here, although he sometimes speaks too loud on his conference calls, and has his schedule, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I feel like I cooked 100s of meals in these six weeks and I maybe did.

Lunch is daunting, sometimes.

What to make, that I also like and he does, that is not too boring and not too much work.

Well, then I had the smoothie idea as I am, quite frankly, sick and tired of making lunch.

While I was in bed one morning after breakfast..yes, I go back to bed to read the news or my book or puzzle, I had a great idea, or at least, I think it is a great idea.

Why not make smoothies for lunch?

Fast, the machine does it all and we get all the good stuff in our bodies and I do not have to have a smoothie for breakfast…as I do not like them for breakfast.

And so, now, we are waiting for exciting smoothies for lunch…oh well, he is waiting, I still have to think about what to put in, but it is usually easy.

Collagen, omega3-6 oil, flax seeds, protein powder, kefir, orange juice…are the staples.

Banana, cauliflower , avocado, berries, oranges, butternut squash, mango, spinach, kale, peanut butter or almond butter, raw cocoa powder, vanilla, maple syrup, apples, cucumber, whatever you feel like, throw it in and voila, great lunch, easy peesy and a happy husband and I admit, I do not feel too shabby after having one of those either.

We go for a power walk after..he goes back to work and I go back…not to bed, no no, I go back to reading, puzzling or knitting…on the couch now.

We all are getting to the end of our patience, I know. I miss my children, my sweet hurricane grandchildren, my sister, my friends. I miss riding my boy .

But this war is not over yet and we still have to listen to our government..because the less we listen and ignore them, the longer it will take until we can go and see family, friends and do what we love and even worse, the harder the economy will be hit and even worse…the more people might die.

I am the eternal optimist and I trust, that this will be over soon…so, stay home and drink smoothies and some wine at night, maybe?

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