Vegetarian Chilli….for Chocolate Lovers

21 Sep

Most people I know love chocolate and we know for a while now, that chocolate is good for you.

The dark chocolate, of course, the one, that I do not really like.

I am not a fan of chocolate bars, that you can buy at the check – out of the super market, I like a nice Lindt chocolate or Green and Black or Giddy Yoyo, but dark chocolate, like a 90 percent cocoa….meh, not my thing.

So, to get the benefits of this really healthy superfood…yes, believe it or not, chocolate is a superfood, I cook with the dark chocolate.

You can make a chicken with a chocolate sauce or a nice hearty roast…or a spicy chilli and I made that yesterday…and the whole thing in the slow cooker and I had not work whatsoever….well, maybe a bit.

Here you go:

You need:

1 and a half cup of kidney beans, dried

1 and a half cup of navy beans, dried

1 and a half cup of black beans

1 big yellow onion, chopped

1 can of pureed tomatoes

1 bag of frozen corn

salt, pepper, about a teaspoon

cumin, cayenne pepper and chilli powder and paprika powder, same here, a teaspoon

Put all the ingredients in the cooker, add water until just covered and cook on medium. So put it on in the morning, come home at night and dinner is ready…well almost.

When you come home and before you want to eat, break one half chocolate bar ( 90 %) and put it in the pot, stir well until all will give the chilli an even nicer colour and a creamy chocolatey taste.

Now to eat and serve it you need:

2 avocados, mashed

1 cup of chopped green onions

1 cup of chopped cilantro

1 cup of tex/mex cheese

1 cup of high fat sour cream or creme fraiche

Ladle the chilli in a bowl, put a tablespoon of the mashed avocado, some of the onions and the cilantro, creme fraiche and cheese on top and dig in.

So yummy, especially when paired with a nice Shiraz…another superfood.




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